“Carefully selected with supreme quality”

We are a proud member of Decorum, the well-known premium plants and flowers brand. Our range of Decorum products consists of regular varieties with supreme quality. In the smallest potsizes (5 & 8), Decorum products are packed in stylish and colorfull potcover.  

Decorum products are available between potsize 5,5cm and 17cm 


Aloë Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Cactus Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Crassula Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Echeveria Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Euphorbia Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Haworthia Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Kalanchoë Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Aloë Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Cactus Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm

Crassula Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Echeveria Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm

Haworthia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Kalanchoë Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm