Specially grown for plant lovers and collectors The Sierra Collection originates in the southern Sierra Nevada region, where the warm climate and fresh melted mountain water is perfect for these wonderful succulents and cacti. The growing is completed in Holland to become your unique Sierra Cactus.



Aloë Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Cactus Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Crassula Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Echeveria Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Euphorbia Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Haworthia Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Kalanchoë Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Aloë Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Cactus Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm

Crassula Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Echeveria Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm

Haworthia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Kalanchoë Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm