Sierra Collection

“Specially grown for plant lovers and collectors” 

The Sierra Collection is our newest collection of exclusive succulents and cacti. This collection is carefully selected out of our wide range of varieties, based on exclusivity, color and quality. 

The name ‘Sierra’ originates from the southern Sierra Nevada region, where the warm climate and fresh melted mountain water is perfect for these wonderful succulents and cacti. The growing is completed in Holland after which the plant is combined with their colorfull packaging, to become this unique Sierra Succulent or Sierra Cactus.

The Sierra collection is available in potsize 5,5cm and 8,5cm. 


Cactus Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Cactus Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Crassula Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Echeveria Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Euphorbia Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Lithops Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Sulcorebutia Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Adromischus Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Cactus Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Cactus Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm

Caudex Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Crassula Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Echeveria Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Euphorbia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Haworthia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Lithops Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Stapelia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm

Sulcorebutia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm