Wincx has been developed for florists, stylists and interior decorators, to provide new creative opportunities and options.

Through its shape, lifespan, multifunctional use and combination options with other types of flowers, the cut succulent broadens the spectrum of creative and artistic inspiration within the exclusive art of flower arranging.

What’s more, Wincx are available in every season.

Cactus Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Cactus Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Crassula Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Echeveria Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Euphorbia Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Lithops Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (14spc.) 5,5 cm

Sulcorebutia Mix (4spc.) 5,5 cm

Adromischus Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Cactus Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Cactus Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm

Caudex Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Crassula Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Echeveria Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Euphorbia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Haworthia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Lithops Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Stapelia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm

Succulenten Mix (12spc.) 8,5 cm

Sulcorebutia Mix (4spc.) 8,5 cm